This web site is designed to introduce visitors to a small village in Cyprus, - a village that retains much of its charm in a changing world.
Cyprus is very well known for its history, scenery and climate and is a favourite destination for tourists - especially those from the UK and Europe. However many of these visitors see only the tourist attractions and are not really aware of the Cyprus that exists away from the bright lights!
Every village is different, and Mazotos has its own small niche in history being, in Venetian times, a town of some importance that controlled its own district extending inland to Lefkara and beyond. The very old timers can still recall coming down to Mazotos from Lefkara - a 3 day journey by donkey - and helping load the Carob harvest for shipment to Limassol port.
The community today numbers about 2000, predominantly Greek speaking Cypriots but with a substantial number of expatriates who are here on a more permanent basis as retirees. In the Summer the population increases substantially with many nationalities coming to live in holiday homes or stay with relatives.

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